Lowara – Grinder

Submersible Pumps for Dewatering and Sewage

Lowara – Grinder

DOMO GRI series.

The pump has been designed to deliver domestic sewage, waste water and fluids containing solids from residential to sewer mains. Features new grinder system and efficient pump to make a reliable package.


• Residential and domestic sewage

Specifications & Features

• Delivery up to 6.5 m3/hr
• Heads up to 21m
• Single phase 220-240V/50Hz, 1.1kW (P2)

• Three phase 380-415V/50Hz, 1.1kW (P2)

• Mechanical seal of SiC/SiC/NBR
• All delievery ports Rp 1


• Single phase with float for auto-operation

• Lowering & Connection systems to suit