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Ember Defender – Bushfire Prevention

ember defender bushfire sprinkler

ember defender bushfire sprinkler

Ember Defender

You need good fire protection in any type of fire situation such as a quality smoke detector. In a serious outdoor fire such as a forest or bush fire, a smoke detector does you no good. You need protection for your entire home. The main cause of a house fire in a bush or forest fire isn’t the actual fire, it’s the embers from that fire travelling in the air and land on the roof of a home causing a major house fire. You need bushfire protection for your home and one way to do this is with Ember Defender. This system will provide protection your home from burning embers during a bushfire situation where your home is at risk.

What is Ember Defender?

Ember Defender offers you fire protection for your home with it’s roof mounted sprinkler system. In an outside fire situation, the fire department will often hose down the roofs of homes in the fire zone. The main problem is that they are very busy and may never get to your home in time. With the bushfire protection of Ember Defender, your home will be protected from the burning embers in the air. The FPA or the Australia Fire Protection Association says that a sprinkler system on the roof can help save a home in an area prone to bushfires.

Easy Installation

The Ember Defender product is easy to install and you won’t need a plumber to do it. The system is suitable for all roof types and styles. You’ll get quality fire protection from major bushfires that could threaten your home. The bushfire protection offered by Ember Defender can literally save your home from going up in flames due to burning embers that land on a dry roof. With this product your roof will be saturated with water and the embers will go out before they can start a fire.

The System

The amount of pressure the unit puts out will depend upon the number of roof sprinklers that you have installed as well as the water pressure from your pump. In a fire situation, the water pressure can drop, but the butterfly head used in the Ember Defender system is designed to maximize the water coverage on the roof that has these units installed. Most pumps will provide the required water pressure to use the Ember Defender system. This system is the best way to limit the impact of embers landing on your home. Please ensure that the power supply is maintained for the pump to operate.

Protect Your Home Now

While Ember Defender won’t protect your home from direct flames, the system will limit the impact of burning embers causing a major roof fire. It’s estimated that over 1.5 million live near the bush and are at risk from fast moving bushfires. You need bushfire protection and without fire protection your home is at serious risk. Ember Defender can be the difference from saving your home or losing it to hot embers that land on your roof and ignite it because the roof was dry enough to start a fire.

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