Fibreglass Pumps

Fybroc is an advanced technology pump manufacturer
specializing in reinforced composite centrifugal
pumps, designed to handle corrosive liquids

Only Fybroc has the flexibility in materials selection to
solve your difficult corrosive or abrasive pump problems.

¥ VR-1, vinyl ester resin: used for the vast majority of
corrosive applications including most acids,
caustics, brines, sea water, and wastewater.

¥ VR-1 BPO-DMA, vinyl ester resin with BPO-DMA
cure system: used to accommodate applications for
specific corrosion resistance to bleaches such as
sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and hydrogen
peroxide (H2O2).

¥ VR-1A, vinyl ester resin with abrasive resistant
material : used for pumping liquids with low
concentration highly abrasive fines such as
fly ash, diatomaceous earth or titanium

¥ VR-1V, vinyl ester resin with synthetic
veil: protection used specifically for
fluoridic applications such as
hydrofluoric acid (HF) and fluosilicic
acid (H2SiF6).

¥ EY-2, epoxy resin: offers outstanding
chemical resistance for aggressive
chemical/compounds, acids,
and solvents. Ideal for high concentrations
of sulfuric acid (up to 98%)

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