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Galcon’s AC 800024 is a modular irrigation system, supplied with 8 stations the controller can be expanded to 24 stations using 4 station modules. While including fertigation and lighting functionalities the controller offers two methods of operation from the same controller. Both options can run simultaneously the rst option allows for choosing three programs A, B, C. Each program can be set either according to days of the week or to a cycle. It can easily operate up to 24 valves. The second option allows the user individual programming for each station allowing maximum exibility across all 24 stations.


• Controls the operation of 1 to 24 valves
• Modules install in easy to reach central compartment
• Master valve / Pump Start / Lighting and Fertiliser terminals
• Sensor input – prevents activation of stations (user can choose) • Station run times from 1 minute up to 9 hours
• Programs – A, B and C
• Lighting program – switches 24vac up to 40mA

• Lighting program will not effect MV, Sensor, Fertigation or Water Budget • Independent progaming of each station when required

• Weekly or cyclic irrigation programming
• Rain Off – from 1 to 99 days
• Independent weekly or cyclic irrigation programming for individual valves
• Fertiliser programming for individual valves (see over page for explanation)
• Fertiliser is added according to watering duration from 10% to 90%
• Water budget – Selectable between -90% to + 90%
• Irrigation cycle from once daily to once every 30 days
• Computerised manual operation of individual valves or valve groups
• Circuit breaker identi es and overrides a short in a valve, with visual warning • Memory backup of program for 20 years (batteries not required)
• Clock backup with 9V battery (not included)
• Testing – Allows short circuit detection on faulty solenoids from control panel • Clock Battery Warning – low power will appear on display panel

• Warranty period 36 months


• Input: 240vac @ 50Hz (with power cord)
• Output: 24vac @ 20Va, 0.830Amp max
• Maximum number of valves per station 2
• Memory backup of program for 20 years (batteries not required) • Clock backup with 9V battery (not included)

• Circuit breaker identi es and overrides a short in a valve, with visual warning


Fertilising time is set separately for each valve. Fertliser is added according to irrigation duration from 10% to 90% of the speci c valve irrigation on time. Fertiliser will always be added in the middle of the valve on time.

example :- A valve has been set with a run time of 60 minutes, fertilising is set for 20%.
Regular irrigation will be operated for the rst 24 minutes (without fertiliser) Subsequently fertiliser will be added for the next 12 minutes (20% of the scheduled time) Regular irrigation will continue for the last 24 minutes and then move onto next station in sequence.

The period of watering before fertiliser starts is sometimes explained as pre-wash (before fertiliser) The period of combined watering and fertiliser adding is sometimes explained as feeding

The period of watering after fertiliser has stopped is sometimes explained as wash-in (after fertiliser)


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8 station modular controller with power cord – up to 24 station capacity, 4 station module installs into 800248 – up to 24 stations

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