Irristand with sprinkler mount, tube, pipe adaptor and poly grommet (Wetta) – 15mm (1⁄2″)



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Irristand with Sprinkler Mount, Tube, Pipe Adaptor and Poly Grommet Only  – Sprinkler Not Included

|15mm (1⁄2″) Irristand 1.2mtrs – Box of 50 (price per unit) Sprinkler Not Included
15mm (1⁄2″) Irristand 1.2mtrs – Less than box quanity (price per unit) Sprinkler not Included

Pipe Adaptor for Irristand Tube

Grommet to insert into poly line for Irristand Adaptor

Irristand Hole Punch 8mm



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