MDR3 Condor Pressure Switch – Accessories


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Part number  & Description

Part No Description
H3/230V Hourmeter & cover for MDR3 – 230V operation
H3/400V Hourmeter & cover for MDR3 – 400V operation
H3/230VS Hourmeter & cover for MDR3 – 230V operation w. on/off sw.
H3/400VS Hourmeter & cover for MDR3 – 400V operation w. on/off sw.
MDR3/MB MDR3 mounting bracket
R3/1.0 Overload relay, 0.63-1.00 Amps
R3/1.6 Overload relay, 1.00-1.60 Amps
R3/2.5 Overload relay, 1.60-2.50 Amps
R3/4.0 Overload relay, 2.50-4.00 Amps
R3/6.3 Overload relay, 4.00-6.30 Amps
R3/10.0 Overload relay, 6.30-10.00 Amps
R3/16.0 Overload relay, 10.00-16.00 Amps
R3/20.0 Overload relay, 16.00-20.00 Amps
R3/24.00 Overload relay, 20.00-24.00 Amps
R3/30/2 2 pole relay, 24.00-30.00 Amps
CG11-3 Cable gland complete
CG13.5-3 Cable gland complete
CG16-3 Cable gland complete
EV-3I Unloader valve suit 1/4” Plastic/copper line


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