MDR5 Condor Pressure Switch


Part number  & Description

  • MDR5/5S8 150-500 kPa, on/off switch, 1/2” Conn.
  • MDR5/8S8 200-800 Kpa, on/off switch, 1/2” Conn.
  • MDR5/11S8 200-1100 kPa, on/off switch, 1/2” Conn.
  • MDR5/16S8 250-1600 kPa, on/off switch, 1/2”Conn.
  • MDR5/45S8 1308-4500 kPa, on/off switch, 1/2” Conn.

Excludes overload (Please select overload option if required) A list of accessories can be found here: MDR5 Condor Pressure Switch – Accessories

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