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named after the Greek God of water, symbolising strength in a turbulent environment. The modern Poseidon stands for engineering know-how and reliability in a modern age where the environment, precision manufacturing, reliability, efficiency and economics are the new norms that rule the waves. No longer are innefficient and wasteful pumps acceptable, ineffciencies cost time and valuable resources. Poseidon Pumps uses the most advanced hydro dynamic CFD computer software available in the market for pump impeller and casing design to optimise pump efficiencies and component reliabilty. Together with extensive R&D and pump testing in our state of the art computerised pump testing stations, has allowed us to create a highly efficient range of Poseidon pumps with low NPSH.

The Poseidon range of Dry Running Automatic Prime pumps comes in 18 models which cover a flow range of up to 540L/sec and heads up to 168m. Automatic priming via the patented SmartprimeTM 50 or 100 cfm diaphragm pump and priming tank. Complete with the oil cooled mechanical seal system for the dry running of the pump system.


• Quality materials used in the manufacture.
• Can take so solids up to 69mm.
• Large fuel tank base up to 1400 litres available.
• Bunded spill tray on top of fuel tank.
• Fully bunded fuel tanks are available on request.

• Fuel tanks tted with baffles for safety.
• All tanks are abrasive blasted before painted with a Durapon undercoat and a Weathermax HBR top coat.
• Fitted with a 4.5kg ABE re extinguisher.
• Complete with a quality Murphy or similar control panel and emergency stop.

• Stainless steel oil reservoir and belt guard.
• Fitted with an engineered central lifting point as well as forklift  feet.

• Each pump comes complete with the Finsbury IHP SmartprimeTM system i.e. standard with a 50 cfm diaphragm priming pump, 100 cfm available for larger systems.

• Each pump is fitted with a quality VAG or similar rubber flap check valve for maximum priming ability.

• The system primes up to a massive 8.4m (27″ ).
• Battery is fitted in a sturdy locked steel box fitted with a heavy duty and lockable battery isolator.

• All units can be tted with weather hoods.
• All units can also be tted in sound isolating canopies for quieter operation.
• Pontoon systems are available upon request.
• All units can be mounted on road or site trailers.

• All bases can be tted with suction hose cranes, bull bars and Bisaloy steel skid plates.
• All hose, pipe and ttings can be supplied with the pump.
• Other options available upon request.

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