R2 82/270 Hard Hose Irrigator

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R2 82/270 Hard Hose Irrigator is part of the excellent R2 Series of Ocmis Hard Hose Irrigators.
This model includes the following standard Australian equipment features:
  • FULLY GALVANISED Chassis & Hose Reel Drum
  • Mechanical lifting of trolley
  • Mechanical telescopic feet
  • Mechanical lifting of draw bar
  • Gearbox & Turbine drive
  • Golden Rain computer
  • Upgraded to come standard with wider wheels
  • Fully galvanised sprinkler trolley with variable track wheels
  • Big gun sprinkler with 3 nozzle set and pressure gauge
  • Hose guide system
  • Safety guards
  • PTO for fast retraction and manual winding handle
  • 76mm B-Type coupling on hose conn kit to connect to irrigator (NO fitting on Hydrant end of Hose)
R2 82/270 Hard Hose Irrigator Specs
Water Canon Royal
Nozzle Size 18/20/22
Inlet Connection Hose with Fitting 76mm male B-Type Coupling
Snap-tite Connection Hose 3″ x 6 mets
Hose Position G

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Additional information

Model and Specs

Synkro Gun , 76mm Male B Type Coupling, 3" x 6 Metres Hose

Optional Extras

No extras, 12 mtr 3" Connection Hose Kit (replaces 6 mtr kit), Inlet Shut-off Valve Mechanical, Tachometer, 20 mtr 3" Connection Hose Kit (replaces 6 mtr kit), Mechanical Rotation, Inlet Shut-off Valve to suit Aqua System, Aqua System computer kit incl. Battery & Solar Panel (Factory Fitted), Full Hydraulic kit (Drawbar, Turntable, Lifting of Trolley & Feet)

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