Rotomac Progressive Cavity Pumps – Standard Close Coupled Pump

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A Reliable Solution To All Your Pumping Needs

ROTOMAC brings together its proven technology, engineering expertise, and world class manufacturing to offer you its hygienic
range of progressive cavity pumps. Emphasizing on clean in place (CIP) & smooth surfaces makes it the perfect solution to all your
pumping requirements

A Reliable Solution at an Affordable Price

ROTOMAC brings together its proven technology, engineering expertise, and its quality manufacturing to offer you its Standard
Close Coupled Pumps ‘SD’/’WD’ Range of Progressive Cavity Pumps. This reliable series finds itself ideal for a wide variety of
applications where cost effectiveness is paramount & availability of installation space is limited .

‘SD’/’WD’ Standard Close coupled Pumps offer several value added benefits:

Cost Effecient
‘SD’/’WD’ Range’s modular design consists of a minimal number of easily maintained components in comparison to the Bareshaft
design, this reduces the number of replaceable parts, which reduce the maintainence cost as well. For our customers, this guarantees
a lower initial investment cost as well as reduced maintenance expenses.

Ease of installation
The Close Coupled Design minimises the floor space area requirements. These pumps are perfect for installations with
space contraints.

Low Maintainence
The ‘SD’ Range has a minimal number of parts in the rotating assembly, which reduces the cost of replacement spares to a
bare minimum. The modular design also facilitates a quick and easy disassembly and assembly for routine maintainence .

ROTOMAC TM Progressive Cavity Pumps are manufactured to the highest quality standards, these pumps also offer the following
sailent features:
• Low shear rate : less damage to shear sensitive products
• Non-pulsating flow resulting in product consistency and uniformly metered delivery
• High volumetric, electrical and mechanical efficiencies promise power consumption savings
• Flow rate is proportional to the pump speed ensuring constant and reliable output
• Capability to handle high viscosities and high solid content
• Low NPSH (r) allows the pump to handle high suction lifts also work in high vaccum conditions


•Agriculture •Malt & Cocoa •Brewery & Distillery •Mining
•Ceramics & Refractory •Oil Exploration •Cattle feed
•Paints & Varnish •Chemical and processes •Palm Oil
•Construction •Paper pulp and Cellulose •Cosmetics and
toiletries •Petrochemical & Refinery •Edible oil •Printing
Ink •Effluent treatment •Rubber •Electronics •Sewage
Treatment •Explosives •Soaps & Detergents •Fertilizer
•Starch •Fisheries •Steel •Man-made Fibres •Sugar • Marine
•Textiles •Waste Water Treatment

Rotomac Standard closecoupled pumps

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