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UNISEALs ® are a slip fitting suitable for use on Sump tanks, Vacuum toilets,
Irrigation systems, Tanks etc…
The patented designed UNISEAL ® replaces all the old hardware with a single
injection moulded unit requiring no component parts.
Made of ALCRYN thermoplastic rubber, UNISEAL ® fittings offer Outstanding
chemical resistance to Oils, hydraulic fluids, hydrochloric & sulphuric acids at room
temperature. Good resistance is offered to alcohols, amines & parraffinic
hydrocarbons. Not recommended in the presence of ketones, esters & chlorinated



  1. Measure OD of Pipe and select seal from above ensuring tolerances are met. Use the Part No. above as ordering code.
  2. Using the appropriate size holesaw, cut a hole to the correct
    size for the Uniseal you are installing. Ensuring that the hole is a clean cut as irregularities could result in a poor seating and leakage.
    Eg. A 2” Uniseal needs a 3” Hole saw
  3. Place the Uniseal into the hole with the wide side facing the direction the pipe is going to be inserted.
  4. Ensure that the pipe end to be inserted is clean cut. Chamfer/bevel the edge of the pipe so that there are no sharp points to cut the Uniseal.
  5. Using liquid soap or detergent, lubricate the outside of the pipe to be inserted, then push the pipe through the Uniseal from it’s wide side. The detergent will be squeezed off as the pipe passes through the Uniseal. The coefficient of friction of rubber holds the pipe tightly in place.uniseal

Additional information

Type / Size

Size ½” to suit 21.3mm pipe, Size ¾” to suit 26.6mm pipe, Size 1” to suit 33.4mm pipe, Size 1¼” to suit 42.1mm pipe, Size 1½” to suit 48.2mm pipe, Size 2” to suit 60.3mm pipe, Size 2”-35 to suit 55.3mm pipe, Size 3” to suit 89mm pipe, Size 3” x 2” to suit 60.3mm pipe, Size 3” x 2.54” to suit 69.5mm pipe, Size 3” x 2¾” x 2” to suit 73.6mm pipe, Size 4" to suit 114.3mm pipe, Size 4”-35 to suit 110mm pipe, Size 4” x 3.9” to suit 99.0mm pipe, Size 4.9” to suit 124.4mm pipe, Size 6" to suit 168.2mm, Size 6”-35 to suit 160.0mm pipe, Size 6” x 5.9” to suit 149.8mm

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