Lowara – 4” submersible borehole pump.

Borehole Pumps and Motors

Lowara – 4” submersible borehole pump.

MSP series.

The MSP Series is the cost effective option that is designed to meet performance requirements in the most demanding applications. Compact, sturdy and designed to be extremely reliable.


• Water supply
• Irrigation systems • Pressure boosting • Stock watering
• Mine dewatering

Specifications PUMP

• Delivery up to 21 m3/hr
• Head up to 340m
• Maximum diameter for complete pump/motor (cable cover included): 99mm
• Maximum sand handling 150gm/m3
• 1MSP – 2MSP – 4MSP – 6MSP versions 11⁄4” delivery outlet
• 8MSP – 12MSP – 16MSP versions 2” delivery outlet • Motor power from 0.25 to 7.5 kW
• Water temperature 0 ̊C to +35 ̊C


  • Single-phase version: 230-240V, 50 Hz 2 poles (2850 RPM) from 0.25 to 2.2 kW
  • Three-phase version: 380-415V, 50 Hz
    2 poles (2850 RPM) from 0.37 to 7.5 kW



    • Abrasion resistant construction. The front wear plate, combined with the floating impeller, ensures optimum resistance to abrasion

    • A non-return valve is fitted in the discharge to ensure no back flow or water hammer to the pump, thus safeguarding impellers, diffusers and motor

    • The upper and lower supports are made of precision cast lead free bronze material for strength and durability