Irrigation Direct is the one stop online irrigation store for irrigation products. We service a massive spectrum of industries including farming, mining, home garden, commercial, agricultural and many many more. If you are looking for a part that isn’t on our website, we’ll do our best to source it for you. We aim to be the best irrigation supplier. If you’re looking for an irrigation store, look no further.

Our Product range is increasing Daily with the inclusion of Filtration and Fertigation recently. Our product range is sourced from reliable manufacturers and wholesalers that fully support and warrant the products. We may not be the cheapest on some products but we supply Quality Products. Spare Parts are our speciality as we are prepared to take the time to source hard to get parts rather than sell a whole new item.

Reticulation is a net-like pattern, arrangement, or structure. Reticulation or Reticulated may refer to: water from a piped network rather than from a bore or well. The foundation of all impressive lawns, grounds and estates is a great reticulation system, not all reticulation systems are the same though. Having a poorly designed watering system will mean wastage of water and resources, which may result in either dead patches of grass or garden appearing, or wasting water on paths and roadways.
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We at Irrigation Direct have a responsible water use policy for all new reticulation systems. We have many years of experience and, as land owners and farmers, we realise the value of our resources, those being time, money, energy and water. Do it right the first time and save money. Each reticulation system is custom designed with the end user in mind with careful consideration given to area measurements, consideration of the prevailing winds, differing water requirements in each part of the garden and the available water flow rates coming onto the property.