There are so many different brands of sprinklers on the market including, Rainbird, Hunter, Toro, Nelson, Netafim etc. to name a few. They all do different duties so it is important to select the correct sprinkler for the application.

Vineyard & Some row crop irrigation generally uses Drip lines.

Orchards usually require under tree sprinklers eg netafim Supanet or equivalent.

Crop or Pasture can use Centre Pivot, Lateral Move, Travelling Irrigators or Hand Lines.

Playing fields & domestic areas usually use pop up sprinklers like the Rainbird 6504 ,5000 & 3500 Series depending upon area.

We sell the Irripod System that can use brass or plastic impact sprinklers such as the VYR range.

Depending upon the flow rate and pressure available the correct unit is selected.