Filtration covers a large variety of products

We are specialising in Filtration to suit Irrigation, Commercial, Industry and Mineing

Our Major brands are  Rivulis And Triangle Filters

There are many types of filters available to suit your application, some are Manually cleaned while others are Automatically cleaned via a controller. The controllers are operated by Battery or AC Power, depending upon the location. The controllers have two types of activation, the first being a programmed time start for whenever the system requires backlashing and the second is by pressure Differential, this is triggered by the pressure drop across the filter (difference between the Inlet and Discharge Pressures on the manifolds)

When selecting your Filtration it important to match your flow rate with the correct size and type of filters.

  • Plastic Screen Filters
  • Plastic Disc Filters
  • Manual Steel Body Screen Filters
  • Automatic Screen Filters
  • Sand or Media Filters in many sizes and Configurations
  • Hydro Cyclone Filters

We can also arrange a selection of suction screen filters with auto backflush. This product will be on the site shortly.

Please call if you require assistance in selecting the correct system for your Job