Fittings is a general description for many products that we supply including the following items in brief.

Brass, Bronze, Gal & Stainless Steel assorted Fittings (sockets, nipples, bushes etc)

Camlocks in Nylon, Nyglass & Aluminium

Hose Tails, Brass & Nylon

Poly pipe fittings, Metric & Imperial (Hansen & Plasson)

Pvc Repair couplings including Compression couplings & Slip Fix Joiners.

Tapping bands made from poly, brass & Stainless Steel to suit AC pipe, Poly pipe, PVC Pipe.

Fire services fittings including Stortz

Bulk Container Fittings in many thread combinations

And for the larger jobs we also carry Gibault fittings, Varigib & Multi Gib couplings

Once again please call if your item is not listed.

Spare parts