Lowara – Pumps with integrated variable speed drive

Variable Speed Control

Lowara – Pumps with integrated variable speed drive

Teknospeed series.

The Teknospeed is a range of variable speed electric pumps and booster units for constant pressure applications having inbuilt frequency drives.


• Household and commercial water supply • Heating and washing systems
• Irrigation and turf
• Fountains


• Delivery up to 10 m3/hr
• Heads up to 75m
• Single phase
• Motor ratings of 0.37kW to 1.1kW • Maximum liquid temperature 40oC


• Variable speed operation assures constant pressure at outlets

• Energy saving with frequency converter controlling power use

• Low maintenance, extended pump life
• Easy to install and silent running
• Protection against dry running available
• Twin pump units for higher flow applications
• Teknospeed also available on C and BG Series pumps