Lowara – Submersible Dewatering

Submersible Pumps for Dewatering & Sewage

Lowara – Submersible Dewatering

DOC series.

Compact, versatile and light weight. Suitable for clean and domestic water applications.


• Emptying of residential areas such as cellars and pits

• Pumping domestic wastewater
• Emptying water tanks and storage vessels


  • Flow up to 14 m3/hr
  • Heads up to 11m
  • Solid handling DOC3-DOC7 to 10mmDOC7VX to 20mm
  • Built in thermal overload protection
  • Manual and automatic startMaximum pump down level 50 mm
  • Maximum depth of submergence 5m
  • Cable length 5m, options to 10m
  • Maximum liquid temperature 40 ̊C

DOC 7 has a capacity of up to 13.5 m3/hr and delivery head of up to 11m and is suitable for 10mm solids in suspension
DOC 7VX has a capacity of up to 10.5 m3/hr and 7m maximum head delivery. It can pump liquid with solids in suspension having maximum dimensions of 20 mm• Versions
Single-phase 220-240V 50 Hz 2 pole

  • Three-phase 380-415V 50 Hz 2 pole


• Built in capacitor
• Built in thermal motor protection
• Single-phase versions can be equipped with pre-assembled float for automatic pump operation

• Three phase version available

DIWA series.

For drainage of cellars, sumps, basements and tanks. Dirty water transfer, garden irrigation, fountains and water features.


• Flows to 25 m3/hr
• Heads to 20m
• Open impeller for solids to 8mm
• Coated replaceable wear plate
• Lowara double mechanical seal system • 4 models up to 1.5 kW
• Maximum submergence 7m
• Manual and automatic models

DN series.

Submersible pumps for dirty water. Made in cast iron and stainless steel, with mechanical seal and open impeller with abrasion-resistant rubber coating. Supplied with or without float switch.


• Emptying of drains, rain water tanks or domestic wastewater

• Emptying of wells and tanks in industrial and ecological applications

• Lawn and garden irrigation
• Emptying of tanks or reservoirs
• Emergency draining in flooded areas


• Flow up to 17 m3/hr
• Heads up to 20m
• Maximum depth of submergence 5m