Lowara – Universal pump controller & booster system

Variable Speed Control

Lowara – Universal pump controller & booster system


Designed to control up to 6 VFD driven pumps on one standard control module, SD60 provides flexibility and eliminates the need for extra control panels or circuitry for variable speed systems. SD60 is a cost-effective addition to system designs and is ideal for high level installations that require safety, reliability, and optimum performance.


• Water supply applications

• Irrigation systems


Specifications & Features

• Pumps can be sequenced based on flow, temperature, level or pressure. Pumps are approximately timed to avoid water hammer

• Intuitive OLED interface with graphic display, PID logic controller, and cap-sense key pads back lit for easy reading. Guided start-up menus with touch-sensitive screen for easy programming and avoids wear-and-tear over time. Operators can obtain, at any given time, a summary of the status of the system and decide what maintenance is required

• Multi-language support

• Cyclical exchange of starting of the variable-speed pumps and of the fixed-speed pumps for uniform wear of all the installed pumps

• Equipped as standard with 2 optoinsulated serial interfaces, for connection with the most widespread BMS supervision and control systems or with applications developed by third parties. Standard communication protocols are ModBus RTU and CAN. Interface with BacNetTM, Johnson Metasys®, TCP/IP, LonWorks®, and Trend is also possible by means of optional external modules, available on request

• Energy consumption can be controlled through a distribution network analyzer (kWh, offered as an option) linked with the SD60 as an external module

• Cascade and speed control