Agricultural Products

Agricultural Products

In this section we are offering Quality Industry Standard products, The Man on the Land is our main concern. Too often many suppliers are only interested in big sales, we are trying to offer as much product as practical with our main emphasis on Spares and Service. We can source many so called deleted lines or hard to get items.

We supply Irrigation equipment for the following

  • RJ Solid Set Couplings & Spares
  • QIS JAX (formally Ajax)
  • Custom
  • QISCROSS (Southern Cross)
  • Read Hydrant & Spares
  • IEC Hydrant & Spares
  • McCarey Replacement Parts
  • Trailco Hydrants & Outlets
  • Diamond Y Hydrants & Spares

We Also supply the full range of Rubbers & Seals to suit most Irrigation Pipes & Fittings Such as China Pumps, AC Gibault o Rings, AC Supertite, Ajax V rubber, Ames Vee Rubbers, ASL Vee Rubber, Baltic Simplex Rubbers, Buzzacott Irrigation Rubbers, Chamsa Spanish Solid Set Rubbers, Custom Couplings, Diamond Y Rubbers, Fieldlock Rubbers & couplings.

FL Vee Rubbers to suit Pope Flexalite, IBC, Fastlock, Fieldlock and AIM irrigation Couplings Irripod is the new economical way to disperse effluent water on to pastures for Dairy Farms It has a small capital outlay, easy to install and easy to maintain as well as able to be moved with a Quad bike while operating. See the article section on our site for further info or call us.

The list is endless, please see our itemized list of all the above including all part numbers in the parts section of this Category.

REMEMBER If it is not listed it does not mean that we cannot supply, please call our sales team and we will assist.

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