Fertic Hydraulic Fertiliser Injectors

FERTIC – Fertilizer Injector Pumps & Agitators

Triangle Filtration’s range of FERTIC hydraulically powered fertilizer injector pumps and electric turbine agitators come with proven engineering design, performance, reliability and many years of successful field operation.

Full hydraulic operation, with the pressure from the irrigation system providing the motive power to drive the pump.
▲ Compact design and solid construction.
▲ Smooth operation.
▲ Minimal moving and wearing parts.
▲ Chemically resistant materials used for all parts in contact with fertilizer.
▲ Fertilizer injection flow rates (proportional to pressure) of up to 500 Litres/hr.
▲ Injection rates can be easily adjusted externally.


▲ Suitable for all types of liquid fertilizers.
▲ Dosing rates are proportional to inlet pressure.
▲ Dosing rates may be easily adjusted externally with needle value.
▲ Pre-filters for motive water and fertilizer are included.
▲ Fully sealed with no external parts other than connecting hoses.
▲ No water pressure loss in irrigation pipes.

Electric turbine agitators

▲ Designed to mix and agitate liquid and water soluble fertilizers into irrigation water.
▲ Available in clamped or flange mounted configuration.

▲ Agitator is designed with 3 spouts to produce rotation of liquid and 3 to stir the bottom.

▲ Dismountable turbine without sharp edges for greater safety.

▲ Direct stainless steel transmission shaft.

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