Pilot Operated Float valve

Float Valves – Pilot Operated

Pilot float valve utilises an external control pilot valve or floating ball valve as the external controller to control the main water tank inlet valve, offering a fully automated mechanical tank refilling system.

As the tank water level drops due to water demand the pilot floating valve will also drop and open releasing the back pressure and allowing the main tank refilling valve to open and refill the water tank. The picture on the left hand side shows the pilot floating ball valve in the low level position and the main valve open with mains water supply flow.
As the water tank level rises during the water refilling process the pilot float ball valve will also rise and at the same pre-set level then close generating the required back pressure to close the main water inlet or tank refilling valve. The picture on the right hand side shows the floating pilot valve at the full high or closed level with water back pressure holding the main water tank refilling valve closed.

The Pilot float valves offer a compact, cylindrical, robust, high flow, durable piston design, flexible easy, fully automated, maintenance free solution to tank or swimming pool refilling systems without the need for hazardous electrical or complicated mechanical devices. The pilot floating valve can be installed some distance away from the main valve without causing delays in valve performance, as the controlling media is liquid and any loading or controlling pressure are transferred instantly as liquids have very limited compressibility. The BFF float valves are suitable for most cold water storage tanks and offer delayed action water hammer free ON/OFF or OPEN and CLOSED action and can if required be recycled or reused as pressure relief valves, pressure sustaining valves, pressure reducing valves or electrically operated solenoid valves by the exchange for a different external controller circuit, making the BF series control valve a water industry leader in terms of performance, reliability and multi functionality .

Pilot float valve shown on the left with pilot floating ball valve controller.

Valve Materials: Ductile Iron epoxy coated, Bronze, 304 or 316 Stainless Steel

Pressure Range: 0.3 to 16 Bar

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