Round Poly Tanks

Round water tanks are the most popular style of rain water tanks. Our dome top designs create a clean & stylish looking water tank and its self supporting structure (meaning no poles inside) gives you a well engineered tank with large storage capacity.

Our round water tanks are all made from the best materials. This includes polyethylene that is UV stabilized, virgin food grade with no taste or smell – suitable for drinking water. Additionally, our round tanks are built to cure properly so we don’t rush production ensuring a premium grade finish. This has all been certified to Australian Standards (AS2070).

Other Round Water Tank Features Include:

  • Manufactured with graduated thickness in the walls, utilising hoop strength for evenly distributed pressure top to bottom.
  • Stainless steel screws and strainer mesh
  • Full brass outlets & fittings, no plastic means a solid state connection.
  • Unique ‘Smooth Wall’ design with no vertical parting lines – No weak wall pressure points.

Our round water tanks have a small footprint design which conserves space while simultaneously offering a high water storage capacity. These tanks are built to resist the harsh conditions of the Australian summer. Additionally, the UV stabilised virgin food grade polyethylene used for fabricating these tanks is of supreme quality and will not develop breaks or cracks.

The capacity of our round tanks vary from 501 Litres to 25,000 Litres. We can assist in estimating your water consumption and then recommend the best suited tank. The durability factor, inexpensiveness and huge water holding capacity make our round tanks a smart investment.

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