SX Tanks, tank stands and aerial towers

SX Tanks, tank stands and aerial towers
Southern Cross galvanised steel tank stands provide elevated storage for reliable water pressure and ensure that a reservoir of water is always available in case of pump failure or other emergencies. The hot dip galvanised finish guarantees long maintenance-free life.

Southern Cross offers a standard range of “GY” tank stands ranging in height from 1.5M to 15M. These tank stands are capable of supporting tanks from and including 4.5kL (1000 Gal) to 22.5kL (5000 Gal).The standard range is designed to suit Wind Region A – non cyclonic- Non seismic conditions. Modifications to the design can be made to suit higher wind speed and seismic conditions. Southern Cross also offer decking material options to suit different tank construction types.

In addition to the standard range, Southern Cross offers an “engineered to order” design / supply service for tank stands of many capacities and configurations- up to 30m high. These also include ladders from ground level to deck, intermediate rest platforms (when required), and regulation walkways with handrails around the deck perimeter. Capabilities to design the tank stand to suit higher wind speed and seismic conditions. Different decking material options are available, depending on each particular proposal.

All designs comply with the relevant- Australian standards as shown below: –

A.S. 4100 – Steel Structures Cod

A.S. 3600 – Concrete Structures Code

A.S. 1170 Pt 2 – Wind Loading Code

A.S. 1170 Pt 4 – Earthquake Loading Code

A.S./NZS 4680 – Hot Dip Galvanising Code

A.S. 1657 – Ladders and Platform Code – (when applicable)

Southern Cross is Quality Endorsed to ISO 9001: registration

All parts from the foundation bolts to the channel steel bearers, including the galvanised decking are steel and heavily galvanised to ensure protection against the costly damage caused by corrosion, fire, white ants and borers.


A range of decking materials

Tank stands can be designed to suit cyclonic/ seismic conditions

Walkways around tanks

Safety handrails

Safety ladders with cages and platforms

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