Hard Hose Irrigators

What are the operational benefits of the Marani Hard Hose Irrigator Range?

• Low pressure losses over the turbine
• Increased flow and low friction loss through HDPE pipe
• Fully Hot Dipped Galvanizing for longevity
• Top of the range computer controls for accurate water application
• Inclusion of a Solar Panel for trickle feeding batteries (optional extra)

Is workplace safety a concern to your customer? Are they looking for a machine that is easy to operate as well as safe?

With the inclusion of panels and guards on the Marani Hard Hose Irrigators, the risk of injury is considerably reduced.

Performance charts are available for the Marani Hard Hose Range. Just call or email our office with the model\s you are after and one of our Sales Team members will be more than happy to send them through to you. When requesting the charts, please also let the Sales Team know which sprinkler\gun you are interested in as this will change the performance data for the machine.

Marani has one of the largest specific ranges of poly reel irrigators available in all markets worldwide ranging from a 40mm to a 160mm machine.

Every machine is complete with manuals, instruction stickers, spare parts lists and performance sheets to make the end user run the machine very easily by themselves.

MR 40/130 Hard Hose Irrigator is designed to provide the most economical solution for watering of small areas such as sportfields, golf courses, parks, gardens, market gardens and nurseries. In order to meet such a wide range of requirements, the irrigator is equipped with a regulator mechanism, which allows operation at low pressure (3.5 atm) and at medium pressure (7 atm) with a flow rate varying from 57 lt/min to 124 lt/min.

MR 40/130 Hard Hose Irrigator includes the following standard Australian equipment features:

FULLY GALVANISED Chassis and Hose Reel
Gearbox & turbine drive
Automatic shut-off at end of run
Hose guide system
Power take off for fast retraction
60mm F-TYPE coupling on hose conn kit to connect to irrigator (No fitting on hydrant end of hose)


Specification (2 wheel)
K1 Sime Sprinkler: 32mm BSP F.I. Base, MR 40 Gun trolley, 32mm BSP M.I.

R1/1 Series Hard Hose Irrigators are part of the excellent R Series of Ocmis Hard Hose Irrigators. The machines are mounted on a fully galvanized chassis and turntable, allowing 360 degree rotation without moving the irrigator. All machines come standard with wide wheels, speed control, fully galvanized sprinkler trolley with variable track width. The curent turbine (TURBO SPEED SYSTEM) is mounted directly onto the gearbox and complete with built in bypass.

All R1/1 Series Hard Hose Irrigator Models include the following standard Australian equipment features:
  • All models have a FULLY GALVANISED Chassis & Hose Reel Drum
  • All models are upgraded to wide wheels
  • Mechanical lifting of trolley and telescopic feet
  • Mechanical lifting of draw bar
  • Turbine mounted on a 3 speed gearbox with built in by pass
  • Fully galvanised sprinkler trolley with variable track wheels
  • Big gun sprinkler with 3 nozzle set and pressure gauge
  • Hose guide system
  • Safety guards
  • PTO for fast retraction and manual winding handle
  • Speed equalizer
  • 76mm B-TYPE coupling on hose conn kit to connect to irrigator ( NO fitting on Hydrant end of Hose )

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