Travelling Irrigator Hose

Travelling Irrigator Hose

Proud manufacturers of lay flat hose Crusader Hose is a specialised Australian hose manufacturer and supplier committed to providing unique hose products and services. Our company has been creating innovative hose solutions for bore water retrieval, mining, fire fighting and agricultural irrigation since 1985.

Crusader Hose has a comprehensive range of specialized hoses; each specifically designed to suit each application. We have a hose to meet industry specifications and can customise an industrial hose, fuel transfer hose and fire fighting hose to meet any requirement.

Our specialised hoses simplify primary procedures and help overcome challenges for:

  • Traveling Irrigator Hose
  • Bore water retrieval
  • Fire Fighting
  • Fuel Transfer
  • Mining

Crusader Hose is the exclusive manufacturer of the Flexibore Hose  and have become recognised for our unique product. Whether you require one of our flexible pipelines or customised hose products, Crusader Hose will deliver to the highest standard.

Industrial Hose

Crusader Hose offers customised hose solutions for fire fighting, bore water retrieval, mining and fuel transfer. With over 25 years experience in the industry, Crusader Hose have manufactured a range of flexible pipelines to help industries overcome the challenge of limited water supply.

Crusader Hose manufacture and supply hoses for any application. Our unique hose products and service include:

  • Fire Fighting Hose solutions
  • Flexibore – Bore water retrieval
  • Industrial Hose solutions-clamping and coupling
  • Fuel Transfer Hose solutions
  • Hose Fitting and Testing

We are renowned for our expertise in constructing layflat hoses to industry specifications, able to withstand the demanding tasks of managing liquid transfer within high pressure environments in a wide variety of situations.

Australian Made Specialized Hoses

Crusader Hose are strong advocates of Australian Made products, and where possible our raw materials are sourced from Australian providers. We are the proud manufactures of the revolutionary Flexibore hose which has simplified bore water retrieval for many organisations throughout Australia.

Crusader Hose purpose build our machinery to incorporate the world’s most advanced extruding equipment and stay at the forefront of worldwide technology. Our qualified team are committed to providing a professional and friendly industrial hose service; whatever the project requirement. Be it a fuel transfer hose, fire fighting hose or hose fitting and testing, Crusader Hose works to ensure a reliable service is provided.

Flexible Hose

Crusader Hose are members of Austmine, the ADIA (Australian Drilling Industry Association), AWA (Australian Water Association) and we are proud participant and supporter of the Australian Made campaign. Our exclusive services stretch across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific Islands.


  • Excalibur Hose
  • Cavalier Hose
  • Centurion Hose
  • Sabre Hose
  • Rapier Hose
  • Potable Flexible Hose
  • Waterlord Hose
  • Flexibore Hose
  • Petroline Hose
  • Aqualine Hose
  • Hose Coupling And Fitting
  • Hose Reel
  • Sunnyflo


  • Bore Water Hoses
  • Fire Fighting Hoses
  • Irrigation Hoses
  • Mining De-watering Hoses
  • Fuel Transfer Hoses
  • Lay Flat Industrial Hoses
  • Customized Hose
  • Hose Fitting and Testing Service

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