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A Smarter way to water

MP Rotator – use 30% less water and avoid costly run off

The MP Rotator uses multi-stream, multi-trajectory technology to achieve water conserving results. Rather than simply spraying water onto landscapes, the MP Rotator delivers streams of water at a slower rate that soils can absorb, significantly reducing runoff. It is a breakthrough solution in irrigation technology, enabling levels of conservation that are increasingly necessary.


MP rotator provides uniform coverage

The MP Rotator

r nozzle maintains its low precipitation and high uniformity while being adjusted for arc and radius, making it easy to design even irregular-shaped areas.

Water is delivered at 10 mm/hr with the standard MP Rotator and 20 mm/hr with the SR series, more closely matching what typical soils can absorb.

traditional heads result in poor coverage try mp rotator

Due to the lack of uniformity, overwatering is the only way to ensure that the driest areas get enough water to keep the landscape green

The rate of water delivery is also a factor. Traditional sprays disperse water at about 40 mm/hr causing flooding and leading to runoff. Typical soils just can’t absorb water that quickly.