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Flexibore 100

*Note: This price is per meter. Please select your quantity below, for example, if you select 7 below, we will send you a 7 meter hose.

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Fittings are not included with the hoses. You must purchase them separately.

Flexibore Hoses are designed to be tough and easy to install, with virtually no limit on the length of the Flexibore 100 hose that means less installing and modifying, you get the right size Flexibore Hose for your requirement. Flexibore is resistant to internal buildups, iron bacteria in most cases will not build up inside your hose. Best of all, Flexibore Hoses are extremely cost effective, as you can see below. For a list of fittings, check out the main category page here.

Crusader Hose exclusively manufacture the Flexibore Hose for a number of ground water extraction applications. Our flexible hose is totally corrosion and microbiological damage resistant and will simplify your bore water pumping.

This easily transportable hose can be installed at a much faster rate than rigid systems and provides multiple advantages to pump retrieval. Crusader Hose is the proud manufacturer and supplier of the Flexibore hose; offering this quality product with 5 year warranty.


Bore water is an important source of agricultural, industrial and mining water supply. Bore water retrieval has been a difficult task over the years and has only simplified with current hose technology.

Crusader’s revolutionary Flexibore Hose ensures simple and effective bore water retrieval, mine de-watering and municipal water supply. This flexible yet resilient layflat hose can be installed with great ease compared with rigid pipes. Furthermore, when the pump needs to be retrieved from the bore, it is very easy to lift using Flexibore.

To learn how Flexibore can simplify your ground water pumping, municipal water supply or mine-de watering, call us on 0488 917285 or submit an online enquiry form.


Flexibore is a flexible riser used for ground water pumping. This hose is constructed by integrating thermoplastic polyurethane into a woven textile fabric of high tenacity polyester. The heavy duty internal fabric gives the hose flexibility whilst sustaining the weight of a submersible pump. The Flexibore hose holds both the pump and water weight so no safety cable is required.

Compatibility Flexibore will suit many borehole applications and is compatible with most submersible pumps. The sizes range from 40mm to 200mm internal diameter and depths up to 250 meters. This flexible hose comes complete with stainless steel or high tensile polymer couplings.



Flexibore is designed for use with:

  • Mine de-watering
  • domestic and municipal water supply
  • test pumping
  • rural and industrial bore water retrieval
  • similar ground water projects.

Our easily handling hose has been specially designed to replace rigid riser pipes such as steel which are subject to rust and encrustations. Traditional rusted pumps reduce flow rates and pump efficiency, whereas Flexibore hoses are easy to handle, flexible and improve flow rates due to swelling under pressure.

Crusader’s Flexibore Hose was utilised in a high-tech bore water pumping case study in partnership with Thinkwater Bunbury. We worked to extract ground water from depths of 245 metres and suspended the 90 kW submersible pump without safety cable; further enhancing the value of our Flexibore hose.


Once in the field, Flexibore is attached to the pump with the patented couplings. The pump, with hose and cables attached, is lowered into the bore using either a simple rolling wheel or a crane. Flexibore is manufactured in continuous lengths and can be installed with less time and labour than rigid systems including poly pipe.

  • Easy installation The hose is lightweight, easy to handle and can be equipped ready for installation at your premises or on site.
  • Continuous length We will supply the exact length required reducing waste and on site modifications.
  • No internal build up Iron bacteria present in many aquifers will not build up on the inside of Flexibore.
  • The hose swells slightly during pumping, thus no build up occurs inside the riser. This ensures major electricity savings compared to rigid pipes in which the flow can be restricted. Low friction loss
  • The slight inherent swell minimizes friction loss resulting in excellent hydraulic performance.
  • The flow rate of 32mm Flexibore compares favorably with 40mm Polypipe Transportable Delivered in a compact reel, the hose is easy to transport, light weight and easy to handle.
  • No safety cable required
  • Every hose is hydrostatically tested for tensile strength and pressure rating.
  • 50mm Flexibore has been tested by a NATA laboratory and has a peak tensile load of 3 tonne.
  • Secure couplings Total security with industry best, precision engineered and patented couplings.
  • Flexibore is compatible with all types of submersible pumps.
  • Easy retrieval The ease of retrieval is significantly better than any other type of riser.
  • No damage can occur due to kinking .
  • Cost effective
  • The savings on quick and easy installation & retrieval, electrical power to maintain flow rates and corrosion resistance ensure
  • Flexibore is the most cost effective riser available.