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Hunter I-25 Sprinklers

I 25 Ultra 100mm Pop Up Rotor with 5 Nozzles – 25mm Inlet

Adjustable 50-360, Stainless Steel Shaft with Check Valve


This Rugged Rotor Can Stand Up to Any Commercial Job


The I-25 gets the job done with power, efficiency, and commercial-grade reliability. With a robust watering radius of 11.9 to 21.6m, this rotor can be used in a variety of applications and environments. The compact, highly durable design is available in a plastic model or stainless steel for tough-as-nails strength. With a 5-year warranty, the I-25 also has options for reclaimed water ID and high-speed. A standard check valve is built in, and a wide selection of high performance nozzles are available. Efficient, tough, and built-to-last, Hunter’s I-25 rotors work hard day in and day out so you don’t have to.

I-25 Features and Specifications


  • Models plastic / stainless steel riser : 10cm, 15cm
  • Arc settings : 50deg to 360 deg
  • Factory installed rubber cover
  • Through the arc adjustment
  • Quick check mechanism
  • Water lubricated gear drive
  • Nozzle choices: 12
  • Nozzle range : #4 to #28
  • Warranty period : 5 Years


  • Radius 11.9 to 21.6m
  • Flow rate .82 to 7.24m3 / hr: 13.6 to 120.7l / min
  • Recommended pressure range: 2.5 to 7.0 Bar; 250 to 750 Kpa
  • Operating pressure range : 2.5 to 6.9 bar; 250 to 690 Kpa
  • Precipitation rates : 15mm/hr approx
  • Nozzle Trajectory :25deg

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