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Klicker Water Cannon

The SIME KLICKER Gear Drive Water Cannon is for medium to high flow rates and pressures. The Klicker is a Gear Drive Water Cannon allowing uniform rotation speed in both full or part circle operation. It is equipped with various interchangeable nozzles and an adjustable jet-breaker which provides light and uniform rainfall over the irrigated area. The Klicker is suitable for installations both portable and permanent. Its sizes and features have been designed to obtain the highest efficiency even in installations of medium power.
Sime spinner guns are smooth in action, gentle on tender crops and can operate on lower pressures than many big sprinklers. Continuous rotation, slow reversing speeds, and uniform water patterns make them an ideal selection for stationary gun stands, traveling irrigators, center
  • Agriculture – The Skipper provides a light and uniform rainfall all over the watered area. It is a low maintenance solution for watering large areas. It can be used on an extensive range of crops and with its light rainfall is ideal for use on fragile plants.
  • Dust Suppression – high quality, lower cost option relative to other sprinklers used for dust suppression. Skippers provide an even coverage over a large area.
  • Fire Prevention And Control – suitable for fire prevention and control in open cut coal mines.


Klicker Water Cannon Specs
Base Size 40 BSPF
Primary Nozzle Size 12 – 20mm
Secondary Nozzle Size 6mm
Nozzle radius 22 – 41
Flow LPM 159 – 617

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