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Do you have leaking float valves?

Are your stock trough valves leaking?

Does your tank float valve leak?

Leaking valves are annoyingPR Valve1

  • Water is often wasted
  • Pumps are running when not needed and wasting money
  • Flooding around troughs occurs causing erosion

One of the main reasons is excess pressure

  • Sometimes a new pump is fitted and is larger than the original unit
  • The system has been upgraded and the pressures have increased
  • Possible oversight occurred during installation or upgrade

It is not the end of the World

There are several options available to fix the problem


  • Fit high pressure float valvesPR Valve2

This works in some cases depending upon the operating pressure

In some cases the flow rate is decreased with high pressure valves

  • Fit a pressure Reducing valve to the mainline at the appropriate location

This will reduce the downstream pressure to the required value and stop over pressurizing the system

For pricing look under the valve section or call and we will assist