Electromagnetic Diaphragm Injector

We now offer the latest design of electromagnetic diaphragm dosing pumps suitable for use in all types of industrial, municipal, water treatment and irrigation applications. Features include:

▲ Units are available with dosing rates adjustable manual, proportional to flow, external 4-20 ma signal and pH or Redox control
▲ Made from chemically resistant materials, PTFE & polypropylene. PVDF, PTFE and St/St heads also available.
▲ Nominal injection flow rates of 2.5, 6 & 9 litres per hour can be selected.
dositec-md▲ Supplied complete with suction, injection tube and installation accessories.
▲ Compact, robust & heavy duty design.
▲ Simple installation, plugs directly into a wall socket.
▲ Low level on/off switch connection on most models.
▲ Stroke adjustment and automatic de-gassing available as options.
All units are 240VAC single phase,IP65 rated.

2.5&9l/hr units are 10 bar rated,6l/hr units is 7 bar maximum pressure rated.

Standard materials are:Polypropylene head with PTFE diaphragm.

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