Dositec MD Electromagnetic Diaphragm Injector



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DOSITEC-MD 0 – 100% manual control via +-buttons, digital display, level switch

Manual Control via push buttons

TRIANGLE now offer the latest design of electromagnetic diaphragm dosing pumps suitable for use in all types of industrial, municipal, water treatment and irrigation applications. Features include:

  • ▲  Units are available with dosing rates adjustable manual, proportional to flow, external 4-20 ma signal and pH or Redox control
  • ▲  Made from chemically resistant materials, PTFE & polypropylene. PVDF, PTFE and St/St heads also available.
  • ▲  Nominal injection flow rates of 2.5, 6 & 9 litres per hour can be selected.
  • dositec-md▲  Supplied complete with suction, injection tube and installation accessories.
  • ▲  Compact, robust & heavy duty design.
  • ▲  Simple installation, plugs directly into a wall socket.
  • ▲  Low level on/off switch connection on most models.
  • ▲  Stroke adjustment and automatic de-gassing available as options.
  • All units are 240VAC single phase,IP65 rated.

    2.5&9l/hr units are 10 bar rated,6l/hr units is 7 bar maximum pressure rated.

    Standard materials are:Polypropylene head with PTFE diaphragm.



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Flow rate

Max Flow 2.5 Litres / Hour, Max Flow 6 Litres / Hour, Max Flow 9 Litres / Hour

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