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Arag Plastic Screen Filters

  • Please specify mesh size with order, refer bottom table.
  • All units have BSP male threads.
  • Filters supplied complete with screen elements and flushing valve.
  • Maximum operating temperature 50o C
  • Triangle Filtration’s Range of in-line 20mm – 80mm (3/4” – 3”)
  • Plastic Screen Filters are suitable for virtually any domestic, agricultural or industrial application.


  • ✓  Made of high quality non-corrosive materials – polyester, polypropylene, stainless steel and nitrile rubber seals.
  • ✓  A wide range of screen elements and aperture sizes available.
  • ✓  Quick and easy access for cleaning.
  • ✓  Rigid filter elements of stainless steel or polymesh.
  • ✓  Large effective filter area to reduce cleaning intervals.






Additional information


¾ c/w Screen & Back Flush Tap, 1" c/w Screen & Back Flush Tap, 1¼" c/w Screen & Back Flush Tap, 1½" c/w Screen & Back Flush Tap, 2" c/w Screen & Back Flush Tap, 3" Clamped Housing c/w Screen & Back Flush Tap"

Mesh size & Color

Mesh size 30, Color Red, Mesh size 50, Color Blue, Mesh size 80, Color Yellow, Mesh size 100, Color Green, Mesh size 120, Color Grey, Mesh size 150, Color Orange

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