Lowara – EcoCirc D5 Solar Pump


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The D5 pumps can be used wherever a highly efficient circulation pump is needed without a direct connection to AC power. They are characterised by their small size, high efficiency and very low power consumption. The shaftless spherical motor technology enables a long, maintenance free and quiet service life. Areas of application are circulating systems in industrial or medical applications, computer and laser cooling, hot water heating in a mobile home or boat with battery-powered pump, ponds and aquariums, domestic hot water systems and car heaters.

The D5 solar pump can be connected directly to a photovoltaic panel and has a MPP tracking that optimizes the pump performance according to the available sunlight.


  • Delivery: up to 0.45 m³/h
  • Head: up to 5 m
  • Power: up to 0.03 kW
  • Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar
  • Temperature of pumped liquid: to 95 °C


12 Volt solar circular

Solar version for direct connection to photovoltaic panels

Vario version can be direct or battery powered and has speed control


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Model & Version

D5 solar-38/700B / R1.5, D5 VARIO -38/700B R1.5, mounting plate to suit D5

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