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Rain Gun Sprinklers for Agriculture and Dust Suppression

Long range turbine sprinkler designed to obtain maximum output with medium pressure


NODOLINI s.n.c. is an Italian based manufacturer of large rain gun turbine type sprinklers. It has been established for over 50 years and has specialised in this product range since then. In this time it has established a comprehensive range of quality products thanks to continuous research, development and testing to suit its customers specific needs in different market sectors.

Nodolini rain gun sprinklers are suitable for use in agriculture, including hard hose irrigators and end guns for traveling irrigators, dust suppression and use with corrosive water sources with the use of specific engineered surface protection systems.

This has allowed Nodolini to combine the sturdiness of its sprinklers with extremely high performance and technology. We are certain of a product which will effectively satisfy the modern needs.


Design Features:

*Turbine drive sprinkler
* Conical pipe for high performance
* Perfect functioning on steep terrain
* No vibiration
* No mechanical brake required
* Adjustable intermittent jet-breaker for enhanced spray uniformity
* Suitable for the irrigation of delicate crops
* This sprinkler can operate with just 4˚ of lateral movement

*Made from corrosion resistant materials.
*Conical body pipe for lower pressure lose and optimum performance.
*Over 40 years of experience.
*All sprinklers are full and part circle.
*Turbine design eliminates vibration created by impact sprinklers for smoother operation.
*Available in sizes from 1 1/2” – 4” (DN40—100).
*Available in 25° and 43° trajectory angles.
*Available with special protective coatings for corrosive water applications.

Operating pressure = 4—9 bar, nozzle size = 24—38 mm, Radius = 45—75 metres

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