Stock Trough Float Valves

Stock trough Float Valves

Float valves for agricultural applications include the stock-proof trough valves, high flow float valves, plastic sleeve valve, plastic horizontal float valve and Thirstbuster troug valve kit ranges. Offering a comprehensive selection of specialised valves that are suitable for dairy and livestock troughs and tanks across a range of pressures. We proudly announced the release of an all new and improved PN12 plastic Float Valve for stock watering, now offering over 300L/min and 1200kPa shut off pressure.


Valves play an integral part in the performance, management and control of water quality, flow and pressure within a pipe system. Philmac manufactures a broad range of valves. Each valve is designed to cater for an array of applications. Whether you require high flow, high shutoff, compact size, plastic or metal, tapered or parallel threads, above or below water installation – Philmac has a valve to suit every application.

Our range of agricultural valves include the stock-proof trough valve, thirsbuster sleeve valve kit, plastic sleeve valve, plastic float valve and high flow float valve (now available with high/low pressure adaptor). The range is designed to provide a reliable, hard working product to manage the distribution of a key agricultural resource, water.


After extensive research and in-field testing with Australian farmers, We are proud to announce the release of an all new and improved PN12 Float Valve for stock watering. Not only does the the all new valve incorporate the latest in water flow engineering design, it now offers over 300L/min and an increased shut off pressure of PN12 (1200kPa). As well as performance improvements the valve also offers a free ready-assembled 1″ x 3/4″ threaded adaptor, a reduction in wave action when filling due to moulded, scientifically engineered flow directiors in the outlet cap, plus tool-free arm disassembly for cleaning and servicing.


The unique and compact trough valve is essentially a float valve but has been designed specifically for stock troughs. The valve hugs the trough wall and has no long lever arm, virtually eliminating the risk of damage caused by stock. By using a cord/float attachment, stock are no longer able to damage levers or manipulate flow.
The extensive range includes quality brass valves and high impact, UV resistant polypropylene valves. The brass version comes with a stainless steel seat ensuring longevity of the product. This Australia made product is not only robust but versatile as it can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position within the trough.


Our high flow float valves have been developed to meet the industry demand for a high capacity valve. Based on a simple movement of a flapper, the valves can deliver high volumes of water in a short period of time. Their compact design means they are quick and easy to install and ensure a constant water level is maintained in the trough. With a heavy duty brass construction Our  range of high flow float valves are designed to handle the most demanding livestock and agricultural situations.

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