Croyden Float Valve


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Croydon Float Valve can be fitted to any shape trough.

When the water level drops in a trough the float will drop allowing water to fill the trough.

The Croydon Valve is suitable for gravity feed and pressure systems.

“Croydon” Float Valves are made of Gunmetal Bronze with a standard lever 12″ (300mm) long.
For use in over the top of trough application or for chain or cord operation, with plastic float.
For chain, use only Stainless Steel chain.
Available in either: Low Pressure or High Pressure.


BSP 3/4″ 1″
mm 20 25

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Croyden Float Valve Bare 1HP, Croydon Flt Vlv c/w7"Flt 1" HP, Croydon Float Valve Bare 1" LP, Croydon Flt Vlv c/w 7"Flt 1" LP, Croyden Float Valve Bare ¾" HP, Croydon Flt Vlv c/w7"Flt ¾" HP, Croyden Float Valve Bare ¾" LP, Croydon Flt Vlv c/w7"Flt ¾" LP, Croydon 3/8"Whit M Float Stud, Croydon Flt Vlv Lever ¾"/1" BSP "

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