400 Series Spin filters


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Series 400 Spin filters 40-150mm (1 1/2″ – 6″)

Triangle Series 400 filters are a Unique Semi-Automatic, High Quality Screen Filter for Agricultural Irrigation and Industrial Applications.

 The principal of operation of the Serles 400 filteris very simple, water passes through a perforated plate on the entrance of the screen cylinder, causing an increase in velocity and the water to spin In a vortex action toward the collection chamber in the cap of the filter.The suspended matter is forced down and into the collection chamber for removal via the drainvalve.

The drain valve can be either manually operated or operated ona timer/ solenoid valve automatically.

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40 mm (1.5”) Threaded – Flow 3.5-10 m3/hr, 50 mm (2”) Threaded – Flow 10-30 m3/hr, 80 mm (3”) Flanged – Flow 12-50 m3/hr, 100 mm (4”) Flanged – Flow 20-92 m3/hr, 150 mm (6”) Flanged – Flow 55-220 m3/hr, Timer, valve & solenoid for automatic operation 24 or 240 VAC

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