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Float operated valves for use in automatic filling of water troughs, tanks, cisterns etc. The valve is configured for above or below water mounting. The float operates a small pilot valve which in turn operates the main diaphragm valve. Topaz trough valves are a good choice where their high flow, compact, robust, non corrosive construction and high level of adaptability are needed.


Maintaining Water Levels in:

• Animal Drinking Troughs
• Water Storage Tanks
• Water Cisterns

• Air Conditioning Systems

• High Pressure Cleaning Systems
• Irrigation Applications


  • Ideal for use with all makes and models of rain water harvesting tanks
  • Compact
  • Constructed from non corroding materials
  • Valve can be locked in off position using the lock off switch
  • Up to 150mm differential obtainable (dependant on pressure)
  • Detach Valve Seal Access System for quick access to valve seal (Patented)

Principles of Operation

The Valve is installed through the side wall of a storage tank. It should be mounted above the over ow level of the tank to prevent back ow.

  • As the tank empties the weighted oat travels down the cord and sits on the bottom stop to activate the valve.
  • The valve will run until the weighted oat lifts clear of the bottom stop.
  • The float will then rise as rainwater lls the tank and falls as the tank water is used.
  • The Valve will only function at times when rain fall is insuf cient to maintain a water level in the tank above the bottom stop.

Pressure Range

1 Bar – 10 Bar (15psi-150 psi)


  • High Flow

    • Start and stop levels  – can be easily adjusted to give water level differentials
      from 50mm to 2.5 m
    • Keeps pump operation to a mininum.
    • DetachTM Valve Seal Access System for quick access to valve seal (Patented)
    • Ideal for all makes and models of tanks.


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