Squatter Tanks – sides only for casting into a concrete base – Poly HT Sheets – POA

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Squatter Tanks (Southern Cross)

The wide range of tank capacities available and the choice of high or low profile design allows simple specification of a tank, or tanks, to suit particular space, location and application requirements.


Southern Cross pre-fabricated tanks (Squatters Tanks) provide a safe-economical water storage solution for Industry, Fire Services, Potable Supplies, Mining, Elevated Storage and Air Conditioning


  • Ground level tanks available up to 25.4 m diameter and up to 7.2 m in height, and depending upon wind and seismic loading conditions, certain (limited) tank capacities may be able to elevated up to 30 m high
  • Completely pre-fabricated for easy transportation to site and simple on-site assembly
  • Bolt-together “stripseal” design
  • TANK BOTTOM: 1.6mm galvanised steel sheets with bolted, lapped joints and special rubber seals
  • TANK SIDES: Hot dip galvanised mild steel ring and batten framework supporting 1.6 mm thick, bolted, lapped and rubber strip sealed sheets
  • FLAT TOPS: Available for all tank sizes and constructed of galvanised steel decking material mounted on galvanised steel framing supported by pipe posts.
  • CONICAL TOPS: Available for all tank sizes. Finished with galvanised mild steel flat sheeting supported by galvanised steel framework and posts.
  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Storage capacities from 9 to 3040 kilolitres in a range of heights and diameters
  • Rugged, all galvanised steel construction to suit all conditions
  • ISO 9001 quality assured
  • Complies with relevant Codes under Australian Standards
  • Fittings to reduce vortex formation when water is being pumped out of tank enabling the bottom water level to be lower, increasing the usable capacity of the tank
  • Designed and made in Australia to comply with all relevant codes under Australian and international standards.

    Completely pre-fabricated for easy transportation to site and simple on-site assembly.

    Bolt-together “stripseal” design.

    Storage capacity from 9 to 3040 kilolitres in a range of heights and diameters.

    Rugged, all galvanised steel construction to suit all conditions.

    Available with open top, flat roof or conical roof.

    Available with a range of internal and external coatings and paint finishes for added corrosion resistance, aesthetics and increased design life.

    Designed to comply with local requirements associated with seismic activity, wind loads, specific gravity and design life.

    Full concrete, compacted gravel, mound ring or ring beam foundations.

An Inside Ladder is included with each tank. Squatters Tanks up to 3000kl or with cyclonic wind loadings are available on an engineered-to-order basis (P.O.A.).

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