Squatter Tanks – Steel Tops (Flat top)


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Squatter Tanks (Southern Cross)

The wide range of tank capacities available and the choice of high or low profile design allows simple specification of a tank, or tanks, to suit particular space, location and application requirements.


Southern Cross pre-fabricated tanks (Squatters Tanks) provide a safe-economical water storage solution for Industry, Fire Services, Potable Supplies, Mining, Elevated Storage and Air Conditioning

Flat tops for 9kl to 80kl Tanks include a 450mm diameter Inspection Hole with Frame & Cover. All other tanks include a 600mm square manhole with hinged lockable cover.
Flat Tops use ‘Hi-Ten Zincalume’ sheeting.
Conical Tops use flat galvanised steel sheeting.

These tops are suitable for non-cyclonic areas. Special tops to suit cyclonic regions are available on an engineered-to-order basis (P.O.A.).


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